Breath, Texture, Light

"Breath, Texture, Light” is a grayscale painting series that focuses on the texture and tactile qualities of more personal subjects, guided by the belief that 'light' reveals 'Texture' and that understanding 'Texture' brings one closer to the 'breath' of the subject. This series portrays everyday organisms, objects, and landscapes, emphasizing the differences between 'light' and 'Texture,' and expressing them in a neutral gray tone. It explores how the subject's surface and textures change with different lighting conditions, transforming them into various painting textures. This exploration includes the study of factors like the canvas ground, brush pressure, and stroke speed. Ultimately, this research aims to poetically contemplate the 'breath' of various subjects encountered in everyday life.

Similar to the other series, this work begins with drawing on paper as a preliminary step, with noteworthy scenes further magnified and completed as large paintings. The common keywords that encompass the 'In the Middle of Life' project are 'perspective,' 'tactile sensation,' and 'breath.' Rather than setting predefined directions for the three series, the hope is that they will organically influence each other, leading to a rich and meaningful outcome. It is wished that such a result will warm and renew our attention to the life that exists 'In the Middle of Life' within all of us.