Greenish moment

"Greenish moment" is a project that delves into the various aspects and modes of existence of the color 'green' encountered in life, acknowledging the possibility that, while there is only one word for 'green,' there are billions of greens in the world. It aims to explore the artistic potential inherent in the color 'green,' which is commonly considered to embody the essence of life. Drawing inspiration from the word 'moment,' it is rooted in the performative act of daily drawing, serving as the foundation for the creation of a series of green paintings.

The paintings depict actions, colors, and modes of existence created by various green objects and organisms, infused with contemplation. The working method involves recording daily inspirations related to 'green' through drawing, much like writing a daily diary. The choice of drawing materials includes colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, acrylics, gouache, and other materials that can express the day's inspiration. Each of these drawings serves as both an individual work and a preliminary step for the main painting.

Unlike previous works that relied on concrete forms, green paintings focus on expressing the 'vitality' inherent in green, combining it with the artist's creative imagination.