part 1
In the midst of life

When living through 'life,' there are moments that feel overwhelmingly burdensome and overwhelming to everyone. However, looking back, there are times when I realize that, no matter what problems I was struggling with or what I was running towards, 'life' was quietly protecting me from within. It could have been a gentle spring breeze, a stranger's kindness, or simply a small sense of reassurance that I am somehow continuing my daily life. Whether it's the touch of life, the vitality of existence, or the unseen flow, I'm not sure how to precisely express it, but even when swayed by events and circumstances, we are still in the midst of 'life.' And perhaps, as we observe the routines of others while reflecting on our own lives, we may find these moments easier to grasp and appreciate.
Based on these thoughts, the project is conceived to capture the lives of others existing within 'life' through the medium of painting. It observes the appearances of unfamiliar individuals encountered in daily life, expressing the vitality felt in their lives or the comprehensive energy surrounding their environments through the medium of painting. They may be common beings we frequently encounter in our daily lives or types often seen in specific places. Scenes primarily depicting their ordinary moments are observed, with the subjects unknowingly experiencing the ordinary moments passing by without feeling anything special. Through a third-person perspective, the aim is to portray their lives within tender and warm embraces, showcasing the affectionate and caring touch within the seemingly ordinary moments. This could be an artistic effort to align values such as 'love' and 'care' with painting actions, or an attempt to find the 'will' of life within the realm of art.