Land & Landscape


A square is a place that cannot exist independently. It draws people in by its emptiness and, through its void, holds the potential for endless connections and new possibilities. In a city, a square, depending on its location, size, and shape, as well as the actions of those who engage with it, can freely transform its inherent nature. Observing the spaces around the square that I encountered daily on my way to school led me to contemplate the essential qualities of a square, and I began visualizing it through my paintings.

A square gains its worth when it allows both the pre-existing 'Land,' which is there to attract something, and the ever-flowing 'Landscape' to coexist harmoniously without one dominating the other. If Land represents the historical layers of accumulated weight, then Landscape is the present lightness that temporarily drifts over the heavy Land. In my paintings, the heaviness symbolized by Land and the lightness represented by Landscape maintain a delicate balance, coexisting evenly with the same force. A square is a place where the ongoing historical weight striving to become heavier and the transient forces of people passing lightly over it coexist harmoniously, with none of them holding dominance.

On the canvas, all the elements that encompass Land and Landscape pile up with the same force, ultimately coexisting tightly as one solid entity. As the same breath evenly spreads the same force across the entire frame, a new place is constructed on the canvas.